Are numbers a huge mindset and growth blocker for your creative business? It's time to succeed and scale with Xero bookkeeping training, set-up and support.
Get the help you need without sending your anxiety into overdrive trying figuring out GST or your tax invoices.

Bookkeeping It Real is the Xero training you need

to wrangle your finances

Xero Bookkeeping Training Woman wearing black and white striped long sleeve shirt places her hands on her head in frustration. She has books of accounting in front of her and is confusing with the bookkeeping her business needs.

There’s something about your business finances that makes them feel like a giant, confusing, quick-sandy pile. Especially when you’re a new or growing business owner. Every time you open the mess of Excel and Word templates your friend’s cousin set you up with or read another bone-dry bookkeeping article you get sucked further down a bleak hole of confusion and overwhelm.

And worse—your business is stuck.

If you’re struggling to keep track of one to three invoices a month, the idea of sending and tracking 30+ transactions is enough to give you heart palpitations. But it should be a cause for celebration.

Sure, you can see the pieces of the puzzle clearly—the invoices, GST stuff, expense tracking—but CANNOT seem to bring them together.

It’s too much…

What you need to know.

Feel a bit better? I hope so.

Here’s the cherry on top…

What you DON'T need to know.

If you want to finally get on top of your numbers, the stuff you don’t need is as important as the stuff you do.

Xero is an incredible tool that offers you financial freedom in your biz. You just need someone to show you what to pay attention to and what to ignore for now. Xero bookkeeping training will help you feel calm and grounded in the knowledge that:

This creates such a powerful mental shift for you and your business.

Rebecca, Xero bookkeeping training expert and owner of Straight Up Bookeeping and Xero Expert stands tall wearing a pink patterned blouse, with her blonde hair curled, and greenery in the background.

I know this how?

Because I’ve witnessed it more times than I can count over my 15-year corporate accounting career. AND I get to see the personal impact it has for my clients daily.

Hi, Im Bec!

Running enthusiast, Dutch dance music fan and numbers guru with a passion for small business.

It breaks my accountant heart when creative business owners come to me with their books in a shemozzle. The things that didn’t seem like a big deal when they had one client and no payroll has become business-critical a couple of years down the line.

As an ex-corporate accountant who used to work at Australia’s biggest firms and banks, I have more in-depth experience than the average bookkeeper. And as a fellow small business owner, I get that you’re stretched thinner than the knees of your favourite 501 Levi’s.

I’m not going to waste your time telling you about nerdy numbers stuff you’ll never look at.

But I do know that a five-minute tutorial today could save you a bookkeeping clean-up that costs $5000+ and takes up to a year to sort out.

Services Xero Bookkeeping Training computer with succulent

That’s why I created…

Bookkeeping It Real™

The self-paced Xero bookkeeping training course that stops creatives from accidentally messing up their books, payroll and super for years on end and shrinks your bookkeeping-related anxiety to the size of a tic-tac.

It’s the refreshingly simple, safe way to get your books in order from the get-go. So, you can read your financials and make better business decisions.

Let’s talk numbers just for a sec (my favourite topic!)

In an ideal world, you’d have a qualified bookkeeper doing all this stuff for you. But when you’re in start-up mode, that’s not always within budget. Two years of bookkeeping support would set you back about $12k.

Then again DIYing it without support now could see you spending around $5000 to clean up your books further down the track. Also, not a good look for you.


For a fraction of that price, you could get the support and guidance you need to set yourself up for scalable success with Xero.

Bec made it all sound so simple and safe

When I made the leap to move to digital products and had gone from 1–3 transactions per week {which were already stressing me out} to then 30–40 a week, maybe more? Well safe to say I felt like it was all too much. I was so confused at how I could bring it all together and manage the financial side with this many transactions.

I was so drawn to Bec’s vibe. The way she made it all sound so simple and safe. I was like – yep, I need this. This is my solution.

I also didn’t realise the POWER Xero had, which is what I love about it now – to drive my business and see what is profitable and what is not at a single glance.

— Carinda GOSLING, This Is Co.

sitting on couch with leg up for xero bookkeeping training

Here’s what your Xero bookkeeping training will cover…

Set up as five modules, your xero bookkeeping training will step you through the process of getting your Xero account running smoothly in the background of your business. The result? Your heart rate can stay below 60 even when someone asks you for a tax invoice.

Module 1

First things first

Getting the basics right gives you a massive head start in business. Take a guided tour through the landscape of bookkeeping for Australian businesses to prepare you for Xero.

Module 2

Setting up Xero

Each lesson walks you through key settings, so your books accurately reflect your business finances. (You’d be surprised how often this goes wrong.)

Module 3

Bookkeeping basics in Xero

Now that it’s set up correctly you can set aside an hour or so per week to think about your books. And that’s it. Ah, the sweet relief of not stressing constantly!

Module 4

Xero bookkeeping like a pro

One of the coolest things about Xero is that it grows with you. As your business develops and you get more familiar with the program you can make the most of some of the fancy time-saving and biz-growing features.

Module 5

Xero payroll

You might not need this yet but consider it the ace up your sleeve. Knowing what the heck you’re doing around payroll is a toughie. So it’s a VERY valuable module if you’ve got staff or are looking to hire in the future.

What does all this Xero bookkeeping training goodness cost?

One payment of $850

Pay upfront and save $125

• Complete Signature Framework Bookkeeping It Real
• 1 hour 1:1 Zoom with me to go through your bookkeeping questions
• Bookkeeping Terms + Concepts glossary
• Xero Set-Up Checklist
• Custom Chart of Accounts templates
• Payroll Set-Up Checklist
• BAS Checklist
• FREE + INSTANT access to any future upgrades

Or pay in 3 monthly instalments of $325

The peace of mind I got from having everything sorted is invaluable.

I was just so overwhelmed with what had to be done and frankly, I just didn’t know how to set up my Xero in a way that worked for me and my business. I was ignoring my books and just making sure that my invoices were paid. That’s it!

It used to be something I just worried and worried over because I set it up in a way that wasn’t working for me and my business. Now that it’s set up correctly I can set a day per week to think about my books and not stress constantly!

I get paid faster, I keep track of client payments easier. I know where to focus marketing because of the account watchlist. It has helped so many areas of my business. Most importantly, the peace of mind I got from having everything sorted is invaluable.

— Ulani Lawton, Tropical Admin

Mask Group 3

Is Bookkeeping It Real™ for you?

This online Xero bookkeeping training is perfect for all Aussie-based businesses who are keen to get their books in order, whether:

You’ve never heard of Xero

You just want the simplest way to record everything financially and make sound, scalable decisions for your biz.

You looked at Xero once and were totally overwhelmed

We’ll help you make sense of the numbers and dashboards so you get excited about what they can mean for your biz.

You’re already using Xero but know you could get more out of it

TBH you’re not sure if you’re reconciling properly, which numbers should be matching up or how to make decisions based on the data—let’s change that.

You’re about to employ staff

We’ll help you get them set up in Xero and paying them properly without suddenly realising your bank account is empty.


Bookkeeping It Real™ isn’t for everyone

Straight up, I don’t want you to take this course if it’s not going to benefit you.
So please click away now if:

You’ve scaled successfully and can afford to outsource your books
I can totally help you with that, but this course isn’t the right fit.

You want to keep your head in the sand and try to guess your way to profit
Eeeeeek, we need to talk.

You enjoy the thrill of never knowing how much cash you have or whether you’re meeting your financial & tax obligations 


You’re a business owner outside of Australia using Xero
This Xero bookkeeping training course is jam-packed with GST and other Australia-specific intel.

The 100% money-back guarantee

I’ve given this training live more times than I can count over the last three years. I’ve seen how well it works.
But I also know investing in anything at the start-up phase can be scary. (I’ve been there, my friend.)

So, if you complete all five modules of Bookkeeping It Real™ and it doesn’t help you set up your Xero, you have 14 days to claim a full refund. You just need to complete the five modules and write to me at info@straightupbookkeeping.com.au. That’s it.

Xero also offers you a 30-day free trial when you sign up. So you don’t have to be out of pocket if it doesn’t work out.

Let’s have one more heart to heart about what Xero bookkeeping can do for your business

The best part of my job is watching clients realise how bookkeeping with Xero can open opportunities for them. They love being able to see a snapshot of their accounts when they log in. And they’re amazed by how easy it is to invoice and keep track of expenses.

The numbers go from being the source of anxiety spirals to your best friend in business. You won’t even break a sweat when the 30th of June rolls around.

Look I could tell you Xero is so ahead of the rest. That it’s so easy to reconcile. So user friendly. (Just ask my clients, they’re used to my enthusiasm by now.)

I also know that learning another business tool feels about as sexy and fun as booking your car for a service.

But ignoring your books now could leave you shuddering to a halt in your business journey down the track, stranded on the freeway as you watch everyone else blissfully sail by.

Bookkeeping It Real™ is colour by numbers for bookkeeping. It’s the Xero bookkeeping training you’ve been waiting for.

There’s an immense feeling of relief that comes from finally getting your books in order. Kinda like cruising off to Byron in a brand-spanking-new VW combi for a long weekend.

Ready to free yourself from bookkeeping anxiety?

Rebecca, owner of Straight Up Bookeeping and Xero Expert sits back to the camera while looking at her Xero account on the laptop in front of her.
A woman with short brown hair, white pants, black tank top, and off white belt stands beside a brick white wall. She gives a testimonial for the bookkeeping services by Straight Up Bookkeeping.

You don’t have to do it alone

Wow – my business finances felt like a mess. I didn’t really know what was going on or what needed to be done, it was like this constant source of stress in the background.

Now I feel 111% confident in the bookkeeping side of things and just feel so supported, knowing that the finances are all running smoothly.

I’ve learnt that it’s safe to let go of control. That there are people out there that are HERE to help with that, and you don’t have to do it alone. In fact, the sooner you let go, the sooner you’ll be able to expand – so just trust it and get the help!


— Taylor Rae, Sacred Funnels


Nope, there are plenty of other programs out there that can help you keep track of your finances. There are also plenty of Aussie businesses spending hours each week manually recording transactions in spreadsheets and sending Microsoft Word invoices.

So maybe you’re really wondering whether it’s worth the switch? Yes! We ONLY use Xero at Straight Up Bookkeeping because of the advanced functionality and user-friendliness of the platform. It’s second to none. If you want to build a sustainable business long-term I believe Xero will give you the best chance of achieving that with the least amount of stress.

Each module should take between one and two hours to complete. So you can either set your entire Xero up in just over half a day or make steady progress over the week giving each video time to settle in.

The first module is one lesson, but after that, they’re broken into topic videos. As your business grows you can come back and refer to each section again and again and again.

Yes. I know you might be excited to get started bookkeeping like a pro so you are free to move on to the next module as soon as you’re ready. I do suggest that you do them in order.

This course is pre-recorded and answers all the common questions new business owners have about bookkeeping.

Absolutely. This Xero bookkeeping course is for anyone looking to up-level their Xero skills.

This course isn’t a substitute for becoming a professional Xero adviser. But if you’ve already got your qualifications and certifications sorted it’s an incredibly practical course that gives you a step-by-step framework for working in Xero. It’s my signature framework – the exact process my teams uses every day to run our successful Xero bookkeeping business. I’d be happy to share it with you.

This course is only relevant for Australian business owners and people supporting them (like bookkeepers, Virtual Assistants, admin). It’s jam-packed full of tips and information about GST and other Australian bookkeeping concepts

Bookkeeping It Real™ teaches you how to use Xero. It doesn’t send invoices or organise your payroll for you. So if you’ve already scaled and are ready to outsource your books to the pros, please check out our “Done For You” bookkeeping packages.

Get on top of your numbers with Bookkeeping It Real™