About Straight Up Bookkeeping


Hi, I'm Bec.

I’m passionate about a lot of things but helping small creative businesses like yours achieve strong financial outcomes is on the top of my list.

After 15 years working as a chartered accountant for big firms and banks, I established Straight Up Bookkeeping.

I’d been running a side hustle helping entrepreneurs grow their wedding and baby expo business. Their creativity and success were inspiring. It was enough to convince me that Xero bookkeeping for creatives was what I wanted to do full time.

Fast-forward a few years and my own start-up business has grown.

Time and again the Straight Up Bookkeeping team meets incredibly passionate and talented entrepreneurs and business owners with a bookkeeping crime scene on their hands. It usually consists of months (even years) of ignoring your books, multiple late-night freakouts, and a bad case of cold sweats whenever you log into Xero. Sound familiar?

Let me tell you the good news… That stuff you hate? The irritatingly-essential numbers side of your business? Excel and Xero, Profit and Loss, BAS returns… We love it all.

And even though you might never truly love bookkeeping we can get you excited about what your numbers can do for your business.

I’ve experienced first-hand what going “all-in” means for your business. It can be scary, sure, but investing in the right experts gets you where you want to go faster.

Every single one of our on-shore Xero-certified bookkeepers is a true reflection of our brand and values.

We make it OUR business to be truly invested in the success of YOUR business.

Together we can achieve anything.

Straight Up Bookkeeping has set me up for success. Bec introduced me to Xero and established the financial reporting structures I need, so I won’t be a sobbing mess at tax time. I love that Bec explained complex financial structures simply and clearly.

—Andrea Schutenko, Stylish Australiana

Meet our Xero-certified bookkeepers

Our qualifications are kept up to date with a rigorous program of continuing professional development.

Rebecca Buchanan

Reassuringly calm and confident, Bec steers the Straight Up Bookkeeping ship. Personable and passionate about startup life, clients are always raving about how she will go the extra mile to set them up for bookkeeping success, without the overwhelm. Happiness for Bec includes spic and span Xero dashboards, long morning runs, and Dutch dance music.

Leila Appleby

With a background in accounting and legal, it’s fair to say that Leila is a true numbers detective. She loves getting to the bottom of why things might not add up and celebrating when they do. When she not helping our clients make sense of their books, she loves playing the piano and singing along—talent much?!

Jane Reoch

Jane was a heavy-weight in the corporate accounting world and now she works for us—cue virtual confetti! She loves numbers and is ace at applying them to real-life situations. When she’s not reconciling in Xero, Jane’s on holidays or reading. If you catch her reading on holidays you’ll be witnessing her ultimate zen state.

Noelle Canlas

With 8 years of accounting experience, Noelle can guarantee excellence with all tasks. Noelle is loved by our clients for her effective impact and bubbly personality. When Noelle isn’t crunching numbers, she is busy being a social bee- mingling with her friends & family.

Straight Up Values


We’re highly accountable for the tasks we’re given. You can count on us when things are tough or complicated. We don't rest until the job is done.


If it’s not recorded it’s not done. Streamlined systems and processes are the secret behind our clients’ success and ours.

Make it easy

People love us because we talk about numbers like humans. We get to know you and your business and find systems that work for you.

Who are Straight Up Bookkeeping's clients?


You’re a mover and shaker in the creative industry, but are spending too much time balancing books and not enough time focusing on your passion.

Let us help you grow your business and free up your time for the things you love.

Rebecca holds a cactus pen, and writes her to do list.


You’re a self-starting entrepreneur spinning all the plates, the last thing on your mind is record keeping.

But here’s the thing. To keep growing, you need to know what your money is doing. Our Xero-certified bookkeepers can help.

Small businesses

You’ve branched out on your own and even have a few team members. But you’re confused about payroll and wish that you had someone you could ask these questions.

Think of us as your trusted advisor. Our packages are designed to move with the changing tides of your business.

Your business needs
TLC to grow.

That’s why each Straight Up team member is hand-selected for their
genuine human connection, as well as steady head for numbers.

Think we’d be a good match?